Q. Who are you?

A. An incorporated New York State not-for-profit and registered 501c3 entity with full liability insurance.


Q. What are you?

A. A nonmembership organization with a board of directors committed to facilitating and presenting professional art.


Q. What is your support base?

A. Contributions from individual and business friends of the arts.


Q. What is your history?

A. Founded in 1999, Collaborative Concepts presented more than 30 exhibitions over seven years in commercial spaces, in Cold Spring and Beacon. In 2006 we presented our first installation at Saunders Farm.


What is your experience with outdoor sculpture?

A. We started a small outdoor sculpture space at our Beacon Gallery operated for five years; then presented an exhibition at the University Settlement campus in Beacon; and since 2006, have presented an annual outdoor exhibition on 100 acres at Saunders Farm in Garrison, NY.


What is the art project at Saunders Farm?

A. Each year more than 60 artists are invited to site sculpture, perform, or create installations on the rolling hills of historic Saunders Farm, located at 853 Old Albany Post Road, Garrison.


When is this happening?

A. The exhibition opens for the fall season on Labor Day weekend and remains open every day from 10 am to dusk through October.


Is there an admission?

A. The event is free and open to the public.


What is the environmental impact?

A. With less than one sculpture per 2 acres, the visual sense of a spectacular landscape predominates. The art has been curated to fit into the vistas.The art is temporary and all sites will be returned to their original condition.


What about the black angus steer? 

A. The steer are rotated from pasture to pasture (on the opening day, the steer will have a pasture of their own). The art as required by the project, is “cow friendly”- no holes, cables, sharp edges, etc. The steer are expected to enjoy the art while they dine.


Is how is the art viewed?

A. At the entrance to the exhibition, visitors are given a map with the location of each sculpture and recommended walking paths.


Are there guides?

A. Artists and volunteers are in attendance on the opening day and mid-run reception to insure an enriching art experience.